Introducing Steem, Oracle-D and Agfacademy to Young Footballers That Need Supports – Earn for Playing Football With AGFACADEMY


Video explaining Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Steem, Steemit, Oracle-d and Agfacademy to young less privileged Nigerian young footballers.

Video's Speech or Transcript

Good day everyone!
How are you doing? I hope everyone is good?

The reason why I called you guys to attention is that I want to introduce you to a platform where you can earn for playing football, before that I will tell you the underlying technologies.

It’s all about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency make this to be a possibility today.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger where all transactions made are recorded. Due to different connotations, blockchain can be called Internet v3.0. Blockchain is transparent, that is, anyone can see your transaction, and no manipulation can occur on the blockchain.

What is Cryptocurrency?

I will break this into two syllabic words; Crypto and Currency.

Crypto means encryption, and Currency is the normal fiat currencies we all know such as our national currency Naira, US Dollar, British pound and more. So cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses an encryption technique to regulate and generate new tokens or coins which can be easily converted into fiats via exchanges.

The first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin created in 2009 by pseudo Satoshi Nakamoto.

After explaining those in order to give you tips on blockchain and cryptocurrency, back to the platforms behind this initiative.


  • Steem
  • Steemit
  • Oracle-d
  • Agfacademy

What is Steem?

Steem is the first blockchain-based decentralized social media platform where you earn rewards for posting articles and videos, when influential people upvote/like the content you put up. This is like other social media such as Facebook, but the difference is that Steem is decentralized, and you get paid for sharing content.

Steem is also an application-based blockchain where any developers can develop an app on it. Part of the applications developed on Steem blockchain are:, and

What is Steemit?

Steemit is the first platform built on the Steem blockchain in 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer. Steemit gives people access to the Steem blockchain, you create an account and make a post on the Steem blockchain through Following that, other applications were, or are developed. Examples are eSteem (Mobile and Desktop app) [@esteemapp], Dtube (Youtube like) [@dtube], Steepshot (Instagram like) [@steepshot], Utopian (for developers) [@utopian-io], dpoll (for questions and answers), Fundition (Crowdfunding platform) [@fundition], Steempress (Cross-posting from Wordpress to the Steem blockchain) [@steempress], @steemmonsters and many more.


Oracle-d is a platform built on Steem. Oracle-d is a business model that brings investors to Steem. Oracle-d is one of the best platforms on Steem cuz it gives Steem value when investors invest in Steem, Steem value goes up, i.e. the law of demand holds. Big thanks to Oracle-D. Oracle-d is also the best platform to promote projects and companies, they have a team of expertise handling that. If you have anyone who wants to promote their projects or companies, Oracle-d is the best place for it.


Agfacademy is a platform on Steem backed by Andre Gray, an England born who plays as a striker for his club-side Watford, I’m very sure many of you guys recognize him very well.
The platform is developed on Steem to support and improve all footballers from fewer privileged countries, a type is our country Nigeria. Anyone can access the site, watch a drill, record yourself rehearsing the drill and publish.

We can do it individually but I think working as a team will be the best option, there is a saying that two good heads are better than one, we are doing this not for selfish interest. Our goal is to raise funds and buy everyone full kit (jersey, boot, chin guard… ), buy new football, to feed ourselves, and also give to charities, anyone can join the team. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Shout out to the people behind Oracle-D ‘Matt Starkey and Dylan Leighton’ and the hard-working team members Kay, Honeybee, Socent, HungryB, and others. Oracle-d is the platform behind this initiative, I want everyone to give a shout out to Oracle-D. A very big shout out to Andre Gray, kudos to the heads behind the Steem Blockchain ‘developers, witnesses and supporting whales’.

Thank you, guys.
We do some Questions and Answers, Play Football and have Fun!
Kudos to @podanrj for creating us a logo and graphics!


Playing Football

Playing Football 2

Playing Football 3

Big Shout Out to Andre Gray

Big thanks to Andre Gray. God Bless him and his Fams!

Andre Gray's Academy Official Links

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