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For Men


Any woman who doesn't appreciate the little you give to her is not for you.
You will never grow as a man with such a woman in your life.... So the earlier you do away with her, the better for your health.

It is better to marry a road side hawker who hawks bottle water or okpa and makes a profit of #2000 naira than to marry a woman who doesn't believe in the dignity of labour and Who undermines the importance of speaking life into her man.

The problem is not that you don't give her enough money - and there is no amount of money that will be sufficient for a woman without value. The problem is that you're wasting your resources and time on the wrong woman.

My Brother, Never go out of your way to do what you cannot do for yourself for any woman.

It is not love....It is foolishness.
A woman who genuinely loves you will not push you beyond your limits. She will respect the efforts you're making and she'll encourage your dreams.

If a woman is involved in a legit hustle for money..... she will know the value of money. The moment you meet a girl who believes that her private part is the gateway to financial independence...
My brother, Run.. I said run without looking back.. If you don't, that is the beginning of your end.

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