My Introduction

Hello, Hivers!

@explorewithsasha here and this is my story.

I came from a family of three and I am the youngest. When my beloved mom passed away a few years back, my life had drastically changed. She was the reason I was holding on to my friends.

By the way my name is Floriza May, sounds unique I know. 😊😉

But my family and friends way back in the province call me "Sasa" and my friends here in Cebu call me "Sasha".

I grew up in the province which is Guiuan Eastern Samar that's how I met my good friend Gilaine known as the ever gorgeous @purepinay.

Growing up I have a lot of fun and crazy memories shared with my family and friends.

Last November 2015 I travelled alone from our Province to Cebu and started working in one of the known BPO Company here in Cebu. Been here for almost 6 yrs and had a fair share of fun and struggle since coming here I have to be brave to live and mingle with different people with different attitude.

Cebu has been a massive part of my journey of living independently.
I was able to travel with friends and even alone with my hard earned money.

Been to places I couldn't imagine I could visit.
The first place I visited here in Cebu was in Moalboal with friends, been there most of the time during team building.

One of my first travel or we called it in bisaya "LAAG" was in Palawan, been there for a week and visited the famous underground river. The second was an International flight going solo to Singapore. Been to Singapore twice and the last time I visited Singapore was December of 2019. Third one was in Boracay same year it was 2019 and after Boracay me and my friend Alyyssa went to Taiwan.

I was happy and loving the fun and benefit of traveling either alone or with friends and was looking forward to do more but since we are facing this pandemic my plans have been postponed.









But still hoping to travel in the near future. As of now I am loving the fact that I am able to travel locally and recently visited Boljoon alone.

So I'm hoping you are still reading the last part of my introduction and didn't bore you at all. Let's stay hopeful and positive!!

Please forgive the photos 😂😂
Just wanted to share with you my confidently beautiful circle face or what we call "lingin na aping" 😂

I will share about my likes and my passion and hope you stick around and be patient as work consume my time and have limited time to think of what to say and write.

See ya around. 😘😊

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