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I recently started coloring again after getting a pencil sharpener. It's been a while since I am doing this fun activity. I got this book about two year ago and even today, I haven't finished most of it.


Lately, I am also learning how to do shading with pencil colors. I think it's interesting that we can do shading with pencil colors. I also tried to draw ice cream based on what I eat. It was matcha with oreo. For some reason, I really like drawing food and trying to replicate what I've seen.


This hair color makes me want to have one too. I think it's quite fun if I have that kind of color on my hair, don't you think?


That is the pencil color I use to color those lion and also the coloring book. It has 24 colors. I also have one, a water color pencil that only has 12 colors.

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