My Actifit Goals: CW49

Hi everyone,

I need to get more serious about my physical activity, and therefore I decided to start a weekly planning and report.

The target for this week is to achieve a total of 70 000 steps, and not to miss any of the daily posts on Actifit.

I know it is double, but needs some discipline. I plan to do more home office this week, and to use the lunch break to go out and consume some of the extra calories.

The main reason for starting these posts is the need to reduce my weight, as I reached an unpleasant 81.8 kg, and 29.7% body fat:


To make this experience more interesting, I also filled up most of my Actifit gamifying items, and topped my balance to 25k AFIT.

My rank doesn't look very too bad, but there's room for improvement:


I will monitor with these posts my body parameters, but also the performance of my Actifit account.

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