My Favourite Books / Type of Books :: Sample Entry to "My Thursday Favourite" contest

Ah books, wonderful books... they open doors to all kinds of adventure and they bring us to different worlds, different lives, giving us knowledge of all sorts.

When it comes to books, I still prefer the good ol' paper book compared to digital or audio books. There is a certain joy that sweeps me when I flip the pages, one by one, or just as simple as holding a book, compared to reading something electronically through a portable device such as mobile phone or kindle or a tablet.

When I go to a book store, the first section I usually look for, is the hobbies, arts and crafts section. I love looking at books with lots of actual photos that teaches you how to make things such as paper cards, origami, drawing, quilling, sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilting, gardening, baking and I am very drawn to happy fonts and colours. Then, if it feels right, I would buy them to keep (yes, you read it keep) and read them occasionally 😁. And it is quite a variety 😄 .


Just a quick close-up on some of the quilting and sewing books that I have bought over the past 10 years or so, not that I have made any or many but I love to be inspired by beautiful designs.


There are also some books on gardening, cooking and baking, which are all part of my wishful thinking that one day I will have a lovely garden, and be able to cook and bake just like my grandma ✯.


I especially love books that has lots of step-by-step close-up photos like this one, easy to follow and oh so inviting (they are always whispering, "come, join me to make this...")...

Back to the book store...after going through the hobbies, arts and crafts section, I would usually trot over to the chick literature section. These are my other happy books. Books that brings you to a world that is possible, that has happy journeys and happy endings. Don't you feel happy just by reading the titles?


Happy books bring happy thoughts that make a happy heart to heal the sadness in the world today, for there are just too many sadness out there. A good wishful thinking that brings hope to a happy life 😊.

I love seeing the colours and the prints and all happy things. I have tried reading serious novels many times and most times, I would end up feeling depressed. That is why, most of the books in my library are happy books. Books that, as I read them, make my heart go aaww, oooh and aaah... 😍.

What are your favourite books or type of books?
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My Actifit Today: April 24, 2019

I was packing recyclables into my car today and had to walk a few rounds. Then, added with some chores, sweeping and mopping around the house. It feels good.

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