My Actifit Report Card: January 13 2020

Its been for some days nows, I haven't updated my blog. I have gone MIA but not to worry, I am still here.

I went to condole with two colleagues. One lost her father who was buried on Friday last weekend, while the other lost her mother who was buried on Saturday. Its so crazy.

Today , another week began. I didn't do much exercise in the morning because I woke up so late, but I did my morning chores before work and at work, I had reasons to go from one class to the other sensitizing the students of an upcoming programme in the school.

After school,I did a few more chores and later took an evening walk to a friend's place for rehearsal. That's about how my day went. Nothing fabulous, except a beautiful gift I got from a parent, to show appreciation for my interest in her ward.

How did you day go?

Daily Activity, House Chores, Moving Around Office, Walking

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