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Since I’ve come to live with my human mom and dad, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of things that I don’t understand. One of these things is something that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. It’s something mom calls a ‘scarecrow’.

So, ok I get scared sometimes, and that’s the first part of the word, but crow is a bird and if I put the two together……I’m supposed to be afraid of a bird? I didn’t get it so I asked mom to explain.


She told me that scarecrows have been around for a very long time. Way back, long before I was even close to being born, they had them in a far away land called Egypt. I got out a map and looked for that country and it is far, far away from where I am! Then they spread throughout that area and someone from Germany (someplace over away from where I am) brought the making of them to our land here.

So, I asked her why. She said that when you plant seeds in the ground, birds will want to eat the seeds because they taste good. So, in order to keep the seeds planted, they make a scarecrow. That looks like the stick people in our pictures. They are made of old clothes and straw. She said that they might would use pumpkins as heads, but most likely just make a cloth head and paint a face on it.

I looked at the scarecrows we had and asked her why did they really call them that when they don’t look scary? She said that in years past, the faces were very different from what most people see today. Most of the scarecrows are used in decorating for fall now. That’s why they aren’t scary - much. She also said that today a lot of people would just hang up shiny things in the garden to scare birds away more so than a scarecrow.


All of this fall decorating thing is new to me, but I told mom that it sounded like it might be fun to have a party with that kind of decoration, especially since I have another reason to celebrate!


I have a twin sister names Wisteria! (The one in pink) She looks exactly like me, but is a bit more ‘girlie’ than I am. Mom says it’s because everyone has a different personality even if they are a twin like we are. I am just so happy to have her around. My family has been growing by leaps and bounds and it is so nice to show them all the sights when we go hiking.


We are heading up to the Gold Mine Trail next week and I am looking forward to finding that lost lake mom and dad keep talking about. How do you lose a lake, anyway?



It’s way past my bedtime, and mom might not like it that I’ve taken over her computer again so late. She worries about my eyes and something she called………wait, I’m thinking…………something like SUV…….no that wasn’t it……………..oh yeah, HEV light. I’m going to have to Google that!

Oh, my aching hooves!! Bye! 💜🐑

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