Our Outdoor Adventure!

As many of you may or may not know, it has done nothing but rain up here in the Northwest! It's not been fit for humans, let alone, little lambs, to be out and about!

However yesterday was a different story..........

It begins with my mom and dad heading out for their daily hike (daily when it's not raining, that is). It was a rare day of a little sun and no rain, so they planned to make the most of it. Of course, we all were heading out with them.

It had been weeks since me and the whole gang had gone on a hike and we were itching to get our hooves moving and maybe even a little dirty! (don't tell mom!)

The fresh air smelled so good to us and energized us with so much energy, that when mom and dad made it up to Towhee Ridge, we just could not contain ourselves any longer!

I scampered up the first tree I saw!


Walter is our newest member to the family, and since he's not gone hiking much, he tends to mimic me or Winchester. So, he climbed the tree next to mine.


Winchester took off with a red mat so he didn't get dirty and found a rock to take in the mountain views.


Winneveive grabbed an orange mat and headed to another rock across the way from Winchester's. She too was just looking to soak up the view!


Windsor was looking for a nice soft place to relax on and found a lovely moss bed for that purpose.


It was pretty cold up at Towhee Ridge yesterday, and no amount of coaxing could bring Wellington and Wisteria out of the backpack and blanket! They did have a superb view of Sumas Mountain from their vantage point, though!


It was a lovely adventure; the first in quite a while for this lamb and her family! The nice thing about going out in the cold, is that mom made sure we had an awesome fire in the wood stove to warm up by when we got home!


Have I told you how grateful I am that mom and dad found me and the rest of my family? We are a very lucky flock of lambs for sure!

Oh, and if you happened to notice, we all have hats, scarves and mittens, compliments of mom and dad's neighbor Jan, who knitted them all just for us! Thank you, Jan for the winter gear!

Gotta run! Bye! 🐑💜

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