Oh! How Life Has Changed!

Seeing the passage of time has gotten me to thinking about my life. My mom found me; dressed me and named me @actifit-lamb. She took me hiking with her and dad, and I came to love the outdoors and not be so afraid of everything!


I can remember some of the first hikes we did together! They took me to the Upper Trail; down into Bear Hollow (I have to admit, that one frightened me! I was afraid they had bears there!) to the Slumbering Bear Trail (well, at least he’s sleeping); along Buckhorn Loop and beyond! Mom said that Keith and Lynne put out ‘guest books’ to sign, and here was my first trip along Buckhorn Loop where one of those boxes are.


Then last summer, we went on my first really big adventure; the trip to the Gold Mine Trail! I remember sitting on top the old safe still visible today.


The view from some points in the trail was just amazing! So much to see! Such high places that I was afraid of losing my footing even though hooves are better than feet for such terrain!


Then, my family grew! Suddenly, I had two new cousins; Windsor and Wellington! Now I had so many new adventures to share with my lamb family!


We went everywhere together! We went back to the Gold Mine Trail and ended up lost trying to find Lost Lake (which we have never found yet!)


You may have noticed, that my family grew again! I had two new sisters now; Wisteria and Winnevive, and a brother, Winchester! I am such a lucky lamb to have this many lambs in my family, plus my human mom and dad!

Then one day, a strange package came in the mail! Mom wasn’t sure what was inside, but oh boy, did we get the surprise of a lifetime when we discovered that long lost Walter Lamb had been sent to live with us!

IMG_1913 copy.jpeg

I was completely amazed and very, very happy! I clapped my little hooves together in pure joy!


Around Christmas, Wilber Moose came for a visit and never left! (He’s not a lamb, but we claim him as an adopted member). Our family was complete………or so we thought!

Spring (summer now) has come, as you can see from this next picture, we have another member of the family added! Winston Lamb, in the orange shirt came! How could one little girl lamb get so lucky?


Mom and dad have been great accommodating the expanded family. We all go hiking together, and have tea parties in the forest! My life has been one grand adventure to the next since mom found me that one Easter………


This was the first time I had ever, ever seen so much water! Mom and dad kept me safe as I don’t know how to swim. It was very peaceful sitting by the sea! I can’t wait to go back!

This summer is just beginning and I am sure that I will have many a summer adventure to tell you about soon!

Gotta go! Bye 🐑💜