No! It Can't Be! Can it?!

Hi everybody! I know I've not posted in a while; it's been busy at home and I can never find a time when Mom isn't on her computer! I personally think she stays up way too late, and by the time I might could post, I'm asleep! Such is the life of a lamb!

Mom came home the other day from going to the post office (I wonder what kind of posts they have?). She had some packages she had picked up on the way home and went into the bedroom to open them, well, because you's Christmas and Dad can't see everything that arrives or it will spoil the surprise! Anyway, she very carefully opened up this little squishy package. I heard her say that at first she was stumped by what she saw. She didn't remember ordering anything that would be that size. As she removed the item from the envelope, she was speechless, for inside was a letter. This is what the letter said:

"Dear Ms Elizabeth & Mr. Mike,

My name is Walter. I recently spotted your posts on Hive (I love crypto), and I think I might be part of your family! When I was just a little lamb, I lived in a cozy barn just south of Springfield, Missouri. It was me and my mother. She was a find ewe and loved me very much. We spent our days eating grass and playing underneath the warm sun. Her white coat would glisten, especially in the first light of the day. We spent many happy years together. Just the two of us, but one day a tragedy changed everything. The skies darkened, and a wind (stronger than any I had felt before)tore through our pasture! Hay, trees, even our cozy barn were picked up by the wind! My mother clamped her mouth tightly on my scruff, trying to keep us close. But then... she was gone. After the storm I looked and looked, but never saw Mother again. My heart was filled with sadness, and I was so so lonely. But then in the debris I found a small wooden box. It was Mother's her initials (W.L.-Winifred Lamb) were on the outside. Inside the box I found a single photo. It was me as a baby, with a white lamb who was a stranger to me. His name was Winchester. When I saw your post about Winchester finding his long lost sibling actifit-lamb....!!! I think I am their brother too! I know I appear to be the black sheep of the family, but nothing would make me happier than hiking, singing and being part of a loving heard again. May I live with you, too?
Baahest Wishes

❤️Walter Lamb"
See the letter below.



This is the picture that was enclosed.


Mom was stunned as was I and Winchester! We had another brother! She had another lamb! Not only that, but his name is Walter, which begins with a W as does all of ours do! Can it be?

Well, here's the proof! Just look at the photo and then look at Winchester and Walter! They look just like their baby picture! How amazing!


All 6 of us lambs are still somewhat stunned but very thankful to have another relative come to live with our herd!


The next sunny day when Mom isn't working, we are going to show Walter the ropes on the hiking trail! We are all so excited, we can hardly stand it! Mom needs a bigger backpack, Walter needs clothes (Mom's already ordered a shirt for him), he needs a coat, and of course a hat and scarf. Mom's neighbor Jan has graciously volunteered to knit a hat and scarf for Walter!

Now, I'm glad we haven't gotten to the reindeer/lamb games just yet because now Walter can participate with all of us!

It's Christmas time and what better gift could we have gotten than our long lost brother?!

Oh, and by the way, a big thank you to Reuniting Families. The return address on the package Walter came in said that on it, and I guess the name says it all!

Holy moly.........It is, it is!

Welcome our brother Walter to the fold!

I've got to run as I got to Mom's computer before she got to blogging tonight. She's going to need it as she has some things of her own to blog.

Bye! 💜🐑

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