My Grand Adventure Out By The Sea!

My Grand Adventure Out By The Sea!

A couple of weeks ago, Mom and Dad said they were headed out to a place they call Boulevard Park down by the bay. When I heard them talking, I had to ask if I could go as I have never seen the ocean before! I was so excited when they said yes!

Mom took a special bag along for me to ride in as the boardwalk there is quite long. Plus, honestly, even though I was excited to go, I was a little scared as I don’t know how to swim! What would I do if I fell in?! I didn’t let that fear keep me back. I knew Mom and Dad would take care of me, so off we went!

They hiked until they reached one of Mom’s favorite places to rest and just enjoy the scenery-Marine Park. It is very close to the railroad tracks as well, so they were careful to cross and not get hit by a train! That would not be good!

This is a picture of me as I sit on a rock gazing at the most water I have ever seen! I asked mom what toy was way out there! She laughed and said it’s not a toy. It’s a full sized sailboat! I couldn’t even imagine that because is was so tiny!


Mom asked me to turn towards her, so that is these next two pictures.




I then turned back around and gazed towards the other end of the bay. I asked Mom how come that stick was in the water? She said it was part of a structure that was no longer there. I can see how water and wood might not go so well together!

About that time, Mom handed me my sunglasses as the sun on the water was beginning to hurt my eyes. It was so bright!



We were out for so long and I had so much fun looking at the ocean! We headed back to walk across the long boardwalk and I was so tired, I fell asleep on the way back to the car!

It was a long day! I told Mom I’d like to go scuba diving next time, and she said that you can’t even begin to do that unless you learn how to swim first! Maybe I’ll just settle for a boat ride instead!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever trip to the ocean!

Bye! 🐑💜

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