Part 3 of My Gold Mine Adventure!

Last week, mom and dad loaded up the backpacks and headed back up to the Gold Mine Trail! I was so excited for two reasons; first, my new found cousins Wellington and Windsor would be accompanying me and second, they asked the neighbor Jan, to come along on the adventure. I had never been hiking with Jan before, so this was doubly exciting!

We headed on up the mountain, and Wellington and Windsor were just a bit scared because of the sheer drop offs along part of the trail. Actually, there are quite a few of them. I told them not to worry; that mom can catch herself if she were to slip (at least I was hoping she could) and that we would all be fine.

We took Jan to the gold safe and ore car and then headed on to what mom calls Cocoa Crossing. I'm not really sure why they call it that as I don't see any cocoa or chocolate! Anyway, there is this really cool fire pit and cedar tree benches. Me and Wellington and Windsor all hopped out of the backpack and sat on the bench eagerly anticipating a fire!



When I asked mom to light the fire, that's when she told me we couldn't as there was a 'burn ban' on. I'm not sure exactly how you ban a burn, but I took it to mean no fire. Bummer!

We left Cocoa Crossing in anticipation of going to the cabin. I think the cabin is really neat and couldn't wait for Wellington and Windsor to see it! Along part of the trail, deep in the forest......Jan's cell phone rang!


I'm surprised she got reception up there but she did! We continued on and came to this really, really high up place! Mom said it was the view of the valley below and you could see the town of Everson and then some from way up here! Wellington and Windsor had never seen anything like it!


We headed on up and up and up the trail anticipating the cabin! We finally made it! Wellington and Windsor loved the views!

All of us sitting on an old stump with the cabin in the background. Windsor is on the left; I'm in the middle and Wellington on the right.


You might wonder what we were looking at, but as you can see from this next view, the trees with the blue sky were very pretty!


Oh! I forgot to mention that we found one of the gold mines! It was really spooky and none of us lambs wanted to go inside that hole in the ground. Nah-ah-no siree!

When we came back down to the truck, Wellington and Windsor were really tired as they had never hiked so many hills before (mountains, actually). They were more than ready to rest their hooves, as was I.

I've heard mom and dad talking and they say here in the next month or so (however long that is) that we are headed back up and this time, we are going to Lost Lake. I'm not sure, but how do you loose a lake? I guess we will find out on part 4 of my Gold Mine adventure!

Whew! My little hooves are really tired from all of this typing! Bye! 🐑💜

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