Part 2 of My Gold Mine Adventure!


Last week, Mom and Dad headed back up to the Gold Mine Trail for a second go at it. We were looking for the restored cabin that was supposed to be up there.

So off we set, on an overcast but cool day. I know that Mom was relieved that the first mud pit wasn't a mud pit any longer. She lets me ride in the backpack so I don't get my hooves dirty.

I know we climbed up and up and there were many big trees and big views to see. I held on tight to the backpack as I didn't want to fall! We climbed up this one trail that was really winding and steep. I could tell when mom saw the top of the trail and she said that she could see the cabin. We had found it!

I was so excited as I've not seen anything that old before! Mom said it was built originally in 1891


(I can't imagine that long ago) and she said that it has been restored. It was pretty interesting inside; not much but a wood stove, dirt floor and some wood to sleep on. Oh, and there was an upstairs, I think it's called a 'loft'. This is me on the side of the cabin.


There was even an outhouse, you know, for when you need to go!


There was so much to look at! After we had investigated all of that area, we headed down and down and down to get back to the main trail. Then Dad wanted to go see if we could find the first of three gold mines. How exciting if we could! The trail is bumpy and has rocks and roots and things, and Mom often mentions how her middle name is not 'Grace' and consequently, she stumbled, and she and I almost went over the side of the trail! I was scared she was going to fall but somehow she caught us and we didn't go over. I know it scared her too.

I remember hearing Dad say that we needed to head back down as we were at the point of needing the remaining daylight to come down off the mountain.

I saw this weird creature and Mom said it was a slug. She said she's never seen one quite that pale.


So this ends my part 2 of my Gold Mine adventure. I know we will have more and if I'm allowed computer time, I will write about them so you can read!

I've got to go......I hear Mom coming! Bye! 🐑💜

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