I got to go on the adventure of my lifetime last Tuesday! Most lambs don't get out much, but because my adopted parents are active @actifit'ers, I get to go most places they go. We went to a place not far from where we live called The Gold Mine Trail. I was soooooo excited!

We went up this really narrow beginning of the trail. There was barbed wire on one side of it and a bunch of brush on the other side. I stayed far, far away from the barbed wire! There was plenty of mud to slop through too. Eventually, the trail opened up to larger areas with no barbed wire, (whew!!) and we could spread out a little. The trail went up and up and we came to a creek where mom had to carry me across. I couldn't jump from one rock to the other. There wasn't too much water right now, but she didn't want me to get too dirty. This is a picture of the creek.


We kept going up and up and then suddenly, we were going down! I wasn't sure where this was headed, but I'm a good lamb and followed mom and dad. The trail went down until you could see this funny looking opening in the side of the hill. I asked what it was and mom said it was a vault where they kept gold! I'm not sure what you do with gold, but mom tells me it's worth a lot. I asked her to take a picture of me on top of the vault because I am as good as gold!


Just in front of this is this funny looking thing that looked like a wagon turned upside down. I asked dad what this was and he said it was an old ore car for the gold in the mine!


Behind that, was a ring of rocks where they said people had been having campfires.


So, we climbed back up that trail and headed up and up again! I was getting tired, so mom let me ride in her backpack for this next part. It's a good thing she did, because we kept going up and up and up! They had chosen a trail called Jeff's View and it continued up. I didn't think we were ever going to get to the place where 'up' was!

Finally, mom placed my sunflower picnic pad on the yellow side on top of this tree root and took the first picture in this story and this one.

We were way 'UP' there for real! It was decided we needed to turn back and head down and down and down! Mom let me continue to ride in her backpack as my little lamby legs were tired!

I was glad to get home, but was very happy I got to have this adventure! I can't wait to see where we go or what we do for my next post!

Until then......Bye! 💜🐑

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