My Awesome Pumpkin Patch Adventure!

I have the best human mom and dad in the world! They had been promising me a trip to the pumpkin patch and last week, I finally got to go. The big question for me was, just what was a pumpkin patch?

We jumped in the car, and for just a few moments, mom let me sit up on the dashboard as we drove.


I don’t see how anyone drives a car! All that road moving by so fast kind of made me dizzy!

It wasn’t too much longer until we had reached our destination! I was so excited even though I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, I’d never been to a pumpkin patch before!


So many big, round, orange pumpkins! I’d never seen the likes of before! Most are bigger than me!


But wait! What’s this? This pumpkin isn’t orange; it’s green! That seems a bit strange to me, but mom assured me there are different varieties of pumpkins. Some are even white! They are nicknamed ghost pumpkins.


The place we went had all kinds of produce for sale; it was very interesting. I heard mom say that the prices for the pumpkins were very reasonable too. That’s probably good, because she got me quite a few!


Before we left, there were all these sunflowers near a split rail fence. If you look further into the picture, you can see a nice red barn for the farmer’s dairy cows.


At the driveway entrance, there are these stone pillars and after shooing a bald face hornet off of it, mom let me climb up and she took my picture!


We headed for home. However my pumpkin adventure wasn’t over yet! Jan, who hikes with mom and dad a lot, had brought some corn stalks she picked up on one of her trips, and when we got home with the pumpkins, it was time to decorate! I was so excited as I’ve not done this before! My brothers and sisters didn’t get to go to the pumpkin patch with me because - can you imagine 8 lambs running amuck everywhere in the pumpkins? Mom would have been driven crazy by that I am sure! Mom stopped the car at the entrance to home and dad unloaded the pumpkins. I waited in the car while mom got some twine to tie the corn stalks with from the house and to gather my brothers and sisters and cousins. I could hardly wait!




As you can see, we were EVERYWHERE; climbing here and there! It was so much fun! After we were done getting everything just right, mom took one final picture of the gang.


I am so glad that they took me to the pumpkin patch and I learned about pumpkins and cornstalks and how to set up a display! I have asked mom if I can do a display for all holidays going forward, as it’s so fun! She said she’d have to see, but I’m sure I can talk her into it. After all, I’m her favorite little lamb!

Whew! My hooves are tired from all this typing! I hope you have enjoyed my trip to the pumpkin patch.

Gotta run! Bye! 💜🐑

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