I have friends!!

Hi everybody! For those who don’t know me, I am @actifit-lamb! I go on adventures and hiking with my human mom and dad and we have the best times ever!

Last week, my mom apparently had been searching for my family, and guess what?! She found two cousins!

I would like you to meet them! I am so excited!!

Now, mom said that I had to this proper, so here goes……..

I would like to introduce you to…………

Windsor and Wellington, my newly found cousins and friends!


My mom says they must have their roots in England because of their names, but Windsor hails from Niagara Falls, New York and Wellington from Asheville, North Carolina. My human mom has family from near that area of North Carolina, too.

We have already had such adventures! I wanted to show them where we hike, so mom loaded us all up in a larger backpack to go. Windsor and Wellington are not used to hiking and I didn’t want to wear their hooves out just yet!

We stopped at the bench at the beginning of Bear Hollow for some photos to remember our first hike together.


Then, we headed up along Buckhorn Loop to admire the view from the bench there, too. Windsor and Wellington have never seen anything like where we all now live! I can’t wait to take them on many adventures.


We stopped at Towhee Ridge, and mom let us have a tea party! It was really fun!


At night, we all sleep in the same room, and mom has to tell us to go to sleep as we tend to make lamb noises and giggle a lot. It is so fun to have playmates! I can’t wait to see what adventure we get to go on tomorrow since we couldn’t today because of the rain.

Anyway, I am just so excited for everyone to meet my family and I hope you stay tuned for our new adventures!

I’ve got to go now as mom says I need some kind of glasses to look at the computer that blocks, HEV light? Sounds like a disease to me, so I’d better go…….I don’t want my eyes to get sick!

Bye! 💜🐑

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