I was at home last week while mom had gone to work. She came home and was all excited! She told me that she had a surprise for me! Well, I couldn’t imagine what that might be. I have the best home, some newly found cousins, good food, plenty of time spent outdoors-I am one lucky little lamb to be where I am!

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and begged for her to show me. I gave her the ‘lamby’ eyed look. She can’t resist that!

She wanted to introduce to me my long, lost brother! I have a what?! A brother!!



Meet Winchester, my brother. He is one handsome lamb (for a brother anyway) and mom tells me he is from Arkansas. Apparently, we got separated after we were born somehow, and she had been trying to find him for me. I can’t believe it!

So, we have taken him hiking with us and have had quite the adventures. We took him up to the whiskey barrel up at Towhee Ridge. He tells us that he’s never seen mountains like ours! It’s mostly flat where he came from, so this is quite the change for him.


We took him down Bear Hollow (he didn’t even know about bears!) and showed him the journal box that Keith and Lynne put up.


We played silly games on mom and dad’s waterbed (don’t tell them, but we were running and making waves on it! It was super awesome!)


We’ve played on the benches at the journal keepers and had a blast!



I can’t wait until we go back up to find that lost lake on the Gold Mine Trail, here in a couple of weeks! I know we are going to have even more fun!

Mom said that maybe we need skis or maybe snowshoes for wintertime. I’m not sure, but if snow is cold, those shoes are going to be cold as well and I don’t think that will work too well.)

I am thinking there are a lot of things we are yet to experience! I do know that we need to get Windsor, Wellington and Winchester all Fitbits so they can track their hiking!

This has certainly been a time of new and exciting beginnings for me! A whole new family! I am one lucky little lamb with my human mom and dad and now my cousins and brother! What more could a lamb want?

I am getting tired from all of this typing; my little hooves are done in! Bye! 💜🐑

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