Gold Mine Trail Adventure #4 - Lost Lake

Gold Mine Trail Adventure #4 - Lost Lake......It's Still Lost!

It's been a while since I've had the chance to post as mom is ALWAYS on the computer lately! A lamb just can't get any screen time!

So tonight, while she was busy in another part of the house, I jumped at the chance and ran off with her laptop. It's a good thing they make these things battery powered as I don't like to mess with the thingy you plug into the wall. I've witnessed what an electric fence can do, and I'm sure this is much worse!


This picture is what we found at the top of the trail that dad was 99% sure would take us up to the Lost Lake. So, let me back up a bit first. We headed out and took the part of the trail that takes us up to the old 1891 cabin. You might remember the trail that goes up, and up, and up! It still does! When we got there, we took a gravel road until it turned into a trail. As we headed up still further up, it eventually led to two paths. Dad proclaimed that he was 99% sure the one on the right side would take us to the lake. So we all headed up, and up and up some more! (Going up and up and up is VERY tiring!) We ended up at the top of a trail that gave the view in the above picture. It was outstanding. Mom said you could see all of Canada from there (wherever Canada is) and then some. We found out that dad's 99% feeling, was 100% wrong, lol! No Lost Lake here. We did have an opportunity to rest up against a really big tree that went up, and up, and up!



The good news is that on the way down, we ran into this man who seemed to know the area well, and said we should have taken the other fork in the trail. We are headed back up there again in a couple of weeks from now, to take another run at it. I always said I could not see how you could lose a lake, but apparently, it's easier than I thought!

In the mean time, today we got to go for a hike for the first time in what seems like forever! It's been raining a lot here, and mom didn't want us to get our hooves wet and muddy.

She took us up to Towhee Ridge, where we all got the chance to play with some fall foliage on the picnic table. We had lots of fun!

I have to introduce to you the latest member of my family (and I suspect the last of them). Mom located one more cousin; she is my second cousin and her name is Winnevieve! I am so excited to have another cousin to pal around with!


She is tons of fun to play with and always giggles so much, she makes us all laugh! Honestly, there isn't any more room in our bed for any more family, so if mom were to find more lost family, I have no idea where they would sleep!



We had fun today and it was good to get out and stretch our hooves out! Mom took us to the neighbor's garden where she had permission to pick grapes and apples, and I was so excited to see what a grape arbor was that I jumped down and climbed the netting over the arbor to sit by a cluster of grapes! I've never had grapes before, but these are really yummy! You will have to head over to her post to see the picture of me in the arbor. You can see that here at this link:


Whew! My little hooves are tired from all of this typing! Yikes! I think mom is coming and I've run her battery on the laptop down. Gotta run.....quickly!

Bye! 💜🐑

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