Gardening By The Hoof - With @actifit-lamb!

Oh boy, was I excited today to get out and get my hooves dirty gardening with Mom! I invited Winchester and Winston to help as I need a couple of strong lamb guys to help lift stuff.

We began by trying out the very interesting planting pot that Mom found at the Dollar Tree. It would have made an awesome lamb hot tub!


Mom has this garden swing that needed some flowers by it, so that was the project for the day. She had asked me if I would plant Petunias for her, and of course I said ‘yes’!

Here I am admiring my handiwork.


After we got both planters planted, it was time to move them over to the swing. Me and Winchester and Winston all got to ride in Mom’s garden cart! What an adventure! First, I kind of fell over because I wasn’t holding on, so Mom stopped and helped me get up and showed me where to hold on and we continued on.


Delivery made! We met the rest of the gang at the swing for some fun that only we lambs can have!



I love to climb really high, so Wisteria, Winnevieve, Winston and Winchester all followed me as I scampered up the swing to the top! It was so high! We slowly crept to the edge to look down below where Walter, Windsor, Wellington and Wilber Moose were relaxing in the swing. Too bad we didn’t have any water balloons to drop on them, LOL!


Then Dad came out and took a group picture of Mom and all of us on the swing!


We had so much fun being outdoors, and we never even had to worry about cougars so much. Mom says they are around, but not so much at the time of day we were out. I’m scared of them, but Mom protects me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘Gardening By The Hoof’ special adventure post! I wonder what my next adventure will be? Hmmmmmm………..

Gotta run (Mom asks us to not run quite so much in the house, but sometimes, you just gotta let loose!)

Bye! 💜🐑

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