Hello everybody! It's been a while since I've posted, and well, it's been quite the season and lots of things to do. Me and my family experienced our first Thanksgiving and Christmas season with our new mom and dad. It was awesome; I didn't know what to expect, but we had fun (especially with the Christmas Tree!)

Mom and dad went out the other day to go shopping. They came home with my new brother in tow! I was so surprised and happy to see another of my family members find their way to our new family! I couldn't believe it!

Introducing Winston-lamb!

He was born in July of 2019. We went hiking the next day after his arrival to show him the ropes. He's never been hiking, he said, before and wasn't sure what to expect. He tells me he loves the moss that grows everywhere! It so soft!

I felt bad because he didn't have a coat, but mom assured me that it was okay, as he had been out to pasture for the past few months and had plenty of wool grown to keep him warm. I let him borrow my hat and scarf anyway.

Here are some pics of Winston-lamb with the gang.




Winston-lamb says he's never seen a view like this one!


We are all so excited and happy that he has come to live with us! That makes 8 of us lambs. There's not much room left in the backpack, lol! We are all looking forward to the summer when we take to the trails for the long leisurely summertime day hikes. Just wait until we get to take Winston-lamb up to the Gold Mine Trail, or maybe a new trail for all of us! We can't wait!

I know mom always tells folks in her @actifit posts to 'get those hooves movin'!' as I ask her to. It's very important for everyone to get up and get out moving!

Have a nice day! Bye!💜🐑

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