Steem Flag Rewards Mention Link Reports - Incentivizing and Promoting Community Blockchain Moderation!

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The SteemFlagRewards Team has been busy using the Steem Flag Rewards Mention Comment Feature. We have been making developments and refining the bot. Our Discord community members have been flagging abuse.

Check out the comment history

The functionality is real simple to use. You can receive a comment and upvote for appropriately flagging content and also marking content for follow up. For example, this user may not have known about tag misuse so I commented to help educate them. I will check back in with them and, if they continue the tag abuse, follow up flags will be warranted.

Think of it as an escalation of force.

We absolutely prefer that users learn and move on to behavior that is conducive to value being added to the blockchain. Tag misuse makes it more difficult to find relevant content so should be corrected when you see it. Do the right thing... even when no one is looking.

Example of marking abuse

In instances of confirmed plagiarism, a warning shot isn't needed, especially if evidence of deception is apparent. No need to warn on these. Flag em, bag em, and tag em!

Example of Steem Flag Rewards Mention Comment with downvote

We are also working on reporting using the Steem Flag Mentions. The bot code was just updated to output each comment approved to a daily CSV file. We will work on further update to publish daily posts to boost situational awareness and facilitate community follow-up. This table below is just a peek but it will be adjusted to include a few additional data fields such as parent author and perhaps the body of the comment which would be nice especially those with the instructional value.

A Decentralized Social Media Blockchain benefits from a Decentralized and Distributed Approaches to Moderation

Our initiative is intended to supplement @steemcleaners hard work and efforts. We highly recommend using their reporting channels and consider voting @Patrice for witness for the awesome project. Its hard to imagine the state Steem would be in had it not been for them stepping up and cleaning things up. Efforts still need to ramp up as abusers have devised many schemes to advance.

The black hats are gaining a lot of ground and we must repel them. Complacency is NOT an option if you care about your investment. Maybe, they will implement code level changes in the future but we just are not there yet. We need to bring the fight to the spammers. It's about being proactive vs. reactive. I'll leave you with the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Please, continue to report as usual via their form and their Discord especially for your "vanilla" categories of abuse. @steemflagrewards mission has been expanded to deal with some items that are outside of their scope.

Here are the Abuse Posts and Comments our Members have Flagged today

We strongly encourage appropriate follow up action and additional flags if the abuser has not ceased. Also, feel free to drop of Steem Flag Rewards Mention comments an upvote to further support this activity.

LinkDownvoted?Time 3:18 10:30 10:31 13:12 13:17 13:20 13:20 13:35 13:45 13:47 15:32

Steps to use the SteemFlagRewards mention comment system

  1. Locate abuse that fits the following categories.

Ensure that your comment has at least one of these categories. These will be one of the fields added to the daily reports by the way.

'comment spam', 'plagiarism', 'spam', 'copy/paste', 'identity theft', 'vote abuse', 'bid bot abuse', 'manipulation', 'collusive voting', 'copy/pasta','death threats','threat', 'vote farming', 'post farming','tag misuse', 'tag abuse', 'phishing'

  1. Mention @steemflagrewards in the comment body. This also helps spread the good word.

  2. Join our Discord and drop you comment for review in the #mentions channel. If you have been authorized access to the bot channel, you will be permitted to use the approve function on our Discord bot.

Then, the magic happens in the background.

Too easy, huh?

This project will continue to evolve and we thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you. If you would like to delegate to this project to help fund more flags, here is a link to a @justyy's delegation tool [here'(

Steem Flag Rewards: Incentivizing Good Flags to Fight Abuse

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