EcoTrain QOTW S4.E7: What is the Source of my Inner Strength?

Weak moments of life makes us feel so vulnerable and helpless. But then we all do have that one spark in our lives that fuel us up, and gives us the courage to keep going. Even in the most darkest hour and in the moments we feel that we are weak and there is no way forward this spark comes as a ray of hope and and strengthens us up and fuels us up. We all have that one spark for us, or what we can say that source of our inner strength.


For me my source is my Family, which is my Husband and my Son, and if I have to rank them, my Son is my biggest strength.
As such I am mentally very strong, yes but there are times when I go weak, and I feel a need of a support.
Support not in terms of doing anything, but just that someone to give me that extra boost mentally. And for me my Son is that one person or source whatever I can say to give me that boost. Just his presence around makes a lot of difference.

Whenever I feel low, stuck up or in a hopeless situation, I turn on to him, sometimes it is just one small chat with him or even a phone call that makes difference.
Specially in the last few months where things have been so shaky and many a times I have lot my patience, many a times I have slipped down mentally, many a times I have felt hopeless, with just he being around I would feel that I can do this, nothing can bring me down. The power would come with just a hug with him.
And the same goes with my hubby, he has been the one to support me in all walks of life. I have never had a NO from him in all our 25 years of marriage to do anything that I wished to.

We got married very early, when I was 21 and 24 and we had just started our lives, so there was so much to do. Education was also not yet completely over, we both were learning, working, taking care of responsibilities and for me specially becoming a mother also at a very young age with still a lot maturity and tolerance level there were many hurdles to cross. But he would be there my Strength always encouraging me, never leaving me alone, and moreover tons of understanding.
Even when I would go wrong and feel helpless or bad about things, he would be the one to lift me up back and give me courage.

The last 5 months when he has been sick, I have missed him a lot, in terms of his always guiding me. To an extent I am a lot dependent on him for many things. But then I was amazed to see my Son step up and take his place. It was an assurance for me that I do have some very strong pillars of strength, who can never let me down.


I truly feel blessed to have both of them as my pillars of strength and that I can always look upto them in hour of need. A little talk with them will boost me up.

Life at every step gives us challenges and adversities but what matters most is to have our spark, and when we fuel this spark all the failures will turn to success. I do Meditate regularly, most of the time self charged up and full of self power, but then there are times when I still do need a support, and these 2 are my pillars of strength.
Whatever I am in life and at whatever stage of life I am in today is because of these 2 people in my life, they show me Love, they teach me humbleness, they give me power and courage, they teach me that nothing is impossible.

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