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An American Photographer lost in Japan

About Me

Photography is my passion and my primary source of income. I'm also passionate about haiku, have done many translations of classical Japanese haiku, and have published some articles on the short poems. I sometimes write my own too.

I also enjoy reading about the history of Japan, exploring the countryside by bike, and amazing the locals with my love of natto.

Interested in more? Go read my Steemit Intro Post from way back when.

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Okazaki Japan, where I have lived for many years. I am originally from Muncie Indiana, where I visit at least once a year and may someday return to.

Interestingly, although Muncie and Okazaki are both small, they are both somewhat famous and well-known, Okazaki for being the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu (the once and future leader of Japan) and Muncie for being considered the average American city, a series of sociological studies over the years based on this idea, and a generic small-town city name used in Hollywood.

Contact Info


I have to warn you that I'm often bad at responding to email, but I do read all I get and will do my best to reply if a response is needed.

You might have better luck reaching me on Twitter at dbooster.

At the time of this writing I have been taking a break from it for over a month, but you may also catch me on Discord where I am "dbooster" on several servers including The Writers Block and The Isle of Write.

The idea for this profile has been inspired by @reviewme, which calls for public profiles and then commenters to rate or review each profile. I am not a fan of rating people and so I won't be participating in that (it goes without saying that all of you, my wonderful friends and loyal readers, are five star) but I do like the idea of a brief public profile with contact info—an "about page", more or less, as it would be in any modern CMS—hence this post, and you are all free to rate me if you so desire, though I won't ask for that or pressure you for anything.

At any rate, go read the original idea here and feel free to join in. Don't let an anti-social grump like me stop you from doing the rating thing either. 😉

Also shout out to @kaliji for creating the idea and @maxinpower whose participating post referred me to it. Read their reviewme pages here and here.

Anyway, thank you all for reading and enjoying my content, and I hope you find this post useful.

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