[TripleA] Changing the way of how the manual curation is done.

Hi, here is your TripleA team.

Many changes have been made to the project since the start of Triple A and the manual curation is already running about 2 month. We are seeing around 40 movies and TV show reviews per day mainly in English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

On the contrary, since the curation began, many kinds of abuse have been discovered, and in fact, it takes more time to moderate the actual abusing than the direct curation time.

TripleA is defining abuse as followed.

  • Copy and pasting text without quotations and permission (whether original or translated)
  • Active with multiple accounts for system (reward) abusing (milking).

Therefore we have adjusted the way reviews are displayed when written directly at https://triplea.reviews

If you check the article now

You can see that the TripleA's logo appears next to the post. This logo indicates that the review was written at TripleA.

1. Changes in writing reviews for TripleA

There is no technical change. If you want to write for Triple A, just write it on any condesor like Steemit, Steempeak or Busy, etc. There is no limitation for earning AAA rewards or curation rewards.

However, the manual curation will concentrate on reviews written on TripleA.

2. Direction of manual curation

Our manual curation does not guarantee any curation at all. So far, it has been operated to be able to keep the voting mana within 80%. Basic guidelines are like following.

  • Need to use the AAA tag.
  • Minimum information like critic and moviedb link needs to be inserted at the end of the review in the right format.
  • Curation will be concentrating on reviews written on TripleA.
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