Replicas 2018 (Movie Review) - Electrifying!


Replicas is a 2018 American science fiction thriller film directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, and written by Chad St. John, from a story by Stephen Hamel. 

This is a movie about a Neuro-scientist who worked on an advanced technology that is capable of transferring human consciousness from a deceased biological body to a synthetic one.

When man tries to play God things are bound to go wrong, no matter how intelligent the human mind is, it cannot recreate itself. But this was not the case when the situation presented itself to Keanu Reeves who was the brilliant Neuro-scientist at BioNyne labs, he was driven with the goal of preserving the human mind after death by transferring the biological mind into a synthetic body.

A lot of times when I'm seeing a movie, I like to put myself in the lead actors shoes, it makes me enjoy the movie more, however in this movie, as much as I tried to fit in myself, I didn't want to, because lets face it, the situation Keanu Reeves found himself was a little over board. If you were going to loose someone so dear to you and you knew you had a chance to bring that person back, how far will you go in trying? How many code of ethics are you willing to break? How much more for your entire family?

There are a lot of Sci-Fi movies out there, especially relating to human cloning, but this was a little different with a lot of emotion, Keanu Reeves played a close to perfect role as the scientist who will cross every boundary for the ones he loved, it all seemed nice and rosy till the entire plot took a twist, instrestingly, it wasn't even what anyone would have expected all.

All the Sci-Fi human-computer integration movies I've watched have something in common, the computers eventually become bad and go rogue and start to cause some sorts of catastrophe, but this was different, for once they are working hand in hand to help humanity.

You must know that every Keanu Reeves movie always has a touch of perfection to it, you can't expect anything less. It was fun watching this movie, the Sci-fi(ness) was medium and realistic, there was little action but still it will keep you at the edge of your seat.

I rate the Replicas movie AA

Thanks for reading, and here's the movie trailer.

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