Christmas 1991

We opened presents twice, on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, it would seem, on some years in the 1990's in Oregon. Was born in 1985 and I remember this sixth Christmas of mine a little bit. My dad said it may be better to get a bunch of little gifts as opposed to only a few giant, expensive, presents.

Bigger is Better?

However, towards the end of the 90's, we would generally get fewer, and yet fancier, more outrageous, less economical, less cheap, presents, like a Nintendo 64, video games, computers, bikes, and other things that are worth keeping for a longer period of time to say the least. We were pretty into the Season of Receiving.

I tried to make Crystal a few things.

Older Sister Katie

Katie is holding Crystal during Christmas 1991.
1991-12-26 THU Christmas-1.png

Christmas 1991

By Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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