3Speak decentralizing frontends (your video is a podcast)

Dan is talking about frontends as sleeves all the time. 3Speak has build a functional desktop app and the Speak network is in development. But even before the Speak network is finished they decided to give anyone an option to build a frontend that will play 3Speak videos.

BrianOfLondon is doing all kind of interesting things with Hive and podcasting. First one was Podping. After that he had a talk with 3Speak developers and they said yes to making an RSS links (feeds) for all accounts on 3speak.

So now if you add RSS to the link you can check out your feed https://3speak.tv/rss/bil.prag.xml


If you click on any of it it will get you to the video on 3speak.tv. But what if 3speak.tv is down? Well this is where podping and rss come to place.

All Podcasting apps that monitor changes and fetch data from Podping now have your videos on them. If you go to PodFriend, podcasting web player and search for Theycallmedan


you will get all theycallmedan videos in there

podfriend 2.jpg

Some podcasting apps have problems with playing videos as podcasts were mostly audio only. But as more and more podcasts include videos now days most apps will get better with it.

Your videos could also be found at Podverse, Podnews, Podcastingindex and probably some more that i missed. I find PodFriend to be the best for audio and video playing. other mentioned are either audio only or not the best to handle video.

So if something happens to 3speak.tv frontend and it goes down for any reason you can upload your videos through 3Speak desktop app and you can watch/listen to other people on 3Speak all over the internet.

When the Speak network goes live in full capacity it has a good chance to be the best place for uploading your podcasts and videos.

Sorry if i missed any of the terminology i am not that techy. What is a network, what is a protocol... i don't know, i click things to see how they work and this works :D

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