I made a 3D donut in Blender for the first time

I remember when I was 16 or something, I wanted to learn 3d but I only had a netbook that my dad bought for school (for documents and shit). I didn't have like a big and powerful PC, as they were kinda expensive back then and besides, most games don't need those anyway lol.

My stupid ass even downloaded Blender on my netbook and as expected, it crashed. So I just forgot about my desire to learn 3d lol.

Now that I have a better PC, I can now learn it easily. I really want to see my art in different mediums. So I downloaded Blender!

Youtube University

Well of course this wouldn't be possible if I don't have any videos to watch/follow because I literally know nothing about this. Luckily, there's plenty on Youtube and I followed Blender Guru's donut tutorial.


It was surprisingly pretty easy to follow. It wasn't easy as well but following it made it less intimidating to learn and less hard to understand. Of course, I only know the basics of it and pretty sure other forms are tedious to make but that's how it is. There's no shortcut in everything. :p


Adding objects are fairly easy but I bet the planning is the one that's actually hard to think of. Like if you wanna make the icing, are you gonna make another new circle or cut it or are you just gonna duplicate? Since I was only following on Youtube, I didn't have to think about that anymore.


Then I had an initial render just to see how it looks like. Looks pretty cool and smooth! I actually like it just like that! But in order for me to learn, I had to know how to do the others as well.

Screenshot 20210214 193837.jpg

So I followed the instructions and continued to add the sprinkles. Dayuumm you don't need to add individually cos the software can do that for you. Awesome! I don't know why my sprinkles are floating tho. Hahah.

After that, I had to position the camera but in this step I was really struggling. I didn't have a numpad with me (I only have a laptop) so I wasn't able to do exactly as Blender Guru did it so I had to Google on how to do it without a numpad.

Then I kinda messed up with the positioning so it took me a lot of time to figure out what was happening. But after many tries, I finally positioned it the way I want it.

My final render

donut low res.jpg

And this is my final render! <3 If you continue with the tutorial, you're actually going to make plate and coffee as long as make the environment as well but I just didn't cos I already love how it looks.

Learning 3d right now is just an impulse and I still need to do my paintings. Haha! But it gave me some idea what to expect when it comes to making 3d.

I love the result tho. It's so minimalist. Haha. I bet the animations would be 100x harder!

Have you learned anything new this week?